Beginnings / Débuts

I have lived in Saint-Henri for 15 years now. It’s a neighbourhood that has seen lots of change in that time, and in the past couple of years especially I have seen a fair amount of gentrification (not necessarily a bad thing as this Atlantic article examines). Truth be told, though, I do not know the history of where I live all that well. After seeing a fun little musical “parade” of sorts recently, I decided to explore more of the area’s history, the people, the stories, the buildings, the corner dépanneurs and hot dog places, the parks, the Lachine Canal; all the fascinating tidbits in this old industrial, working-class neighborhood. Je vais aussi écrire plus en français, comme je ne le pratique plus ces jours-ci. Bienvenue à Saint-Henri, de mon point de vue!

3 thoughts on “Beginnings / Débuts

  1. I know I could just Google translate it, but I am curious as to what those last lines mean. Also, does QC men Quebec? I see the name of that place everyday on Just for Laughs Gags. 😛


    1. “I’m going to write more in French, since I don’t practice it anymore these days. Welcome to Saint-Henri, from my point of view!”

      As for your question, yup, QC is Québec. The vast majority of Just For Laughs gags are filmed in and around Montreal. In fact, they were filming in Saint-Henri this week, I saw. As spontaneous as they seem in the show, it’s actually quite staged; sometimes the “victims” are told “you’re going to see something surprising, so act surprised”, but it’s quite obvious that you’re being filmed for something for them.


      1. I actually thought some of these were staged because the other day I noticed same ‘victims’ in multiple gags. It isn’t as fun when I know that, so I just decided to not think about it and have fun.

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